Step Up Your Collaboration Game with Microsoft Whiteboard


Join us for a discussion about how to get started with Microsoft Whiteboard collaboration.  The scenarios described will be focused on the classroom, particularly in a hybrid setup, but the tips for getting started with Microsoft Whiteboard can be used across business verticals and meeting platforms to digitally collaborate or share in your virtual meetings.

Date: Friday August 28th, 2020

Time: 12:00p-1:00p


Step Up Your Collaboration Game with Microsoft Whiteboard


Writing and drawing on a physical whiteboard in a classroom for lecture notes or to demonstrate a concept is an everyday classroom activity.  With fully remote learners, or hybrid courses and teams how do you keep those who are not physically with you engaged?  The Microsoft Whiteboard app is a great option to digitally ink your thoughts and simultaneously share them with in person and remote people alike!

In addition to showing how to get started with Whiteboard, we’ll demonstrate how this can be used with virtual meeting platforms such as Microsoft Teams to ensure your content is inclusive of both those physically present and those who are virtual.


Microsoft Teams Meeting (join URL will be sent prior to the event)

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